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Presentation of the sector

Morocco has become, as a destination for the electronics industry, an increasingly more considerable option for the major actors of this industry, and the country has granted the trust of the sector’s leading groups. Moreover, we are witnessing the emergence of a substantial new generation of more integrated subcontractors (subcontractors responsible for the design, industrialization and the purchase of raw materials and components) who outsource some of their operations in Morocco.

The electronics sector in Morocco has achieved, in 2008, a production of 4 billion dirhams attaining, annually, an average investment capital of more than 160 million dirhams between 2004 and 2008 and a hiring capacity of 8,000 people by the end of 2008.

The potential for growth in the electronics sector is estimated at 2.5 billion dirhams of additional GDP and 9,000 new direct jobs by 2015.

The electronics industry plan of Morocco, primarily targets the development of three sub-sectors related to electronics specialty:

  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Electronics for Automotive and Aerospace

To realize this potential, the State has a plan of affirmative action for the development of this sector, combining the three parts below:

  • The development of a Morocca value proposition for investors in the Electronics sector
  • The implementation of a training program tailored to the sector
  • The establishment of dedicated areas within the integrated industrial platforms

Value proposition

Attractive Sector framework

The free zone status offers:

  • Total exemption from corporate tax for the first 5 years followed by a cap of 8.75%
  • Tax exemption on customs duties on imported goods and products

Installation aid up to up to 10% of the total investment, including:

  • Funding of 30% of cost of land and construction of up to 2000dhs / m²
  • Funding of 10% of the cost of new capital goods

Cost Competitiveness

Cost comparison between Morocco and southern Europe for certain financial items (illustrative):

  • Cost of labor: Up to -50%
  • IS (%): -100% (for 5 years)
  • Telecom: Up +150%
  • Total cost: Up to -30%


In addition to conventional financing offers available from all Moroccan banks, three banks t partners of the Pact Emergence - Attijariwafa Bank, BMCE Bank, and Banque Centrale Populaire - have pledged to raise a total budget of 3 billion dirhams to accompany investors operating in these trades.

In terms of banking services, the preferred approach is an approach "turnkey" for easy installation and scalability of the operators and allowing these latters to focus on their business.


Attiajriwafa Bank BMCE Bank and Banque Centrale Populaire have mobilized more than 1 billion dirhams to establish an innovative financing instrument, la Foncière Emergence, allowing investors wishing to to settle in a P2I to benefit from an advantageous rental offer.


A training plan of 9,000 profiles with appropriate skills to industry needs, distributed as follows:

  • 200 Management graduates
  • 1400 engineers
  • 2,700 technicians
  • 4700 operators
  • The profiles are formed by public and private operators, through thirty training courses specifically designed to meet the needs expressed by stakeholders in the electronics sector

Training aid:

The contribution of the State, granted in accordance with the procedures manual, results in direct aid to training during the first 3 years, which specific sectors of the electronics.

Investment Locations

The development program of Integrated Industrial Platforms (P2I) aims to provide investors with the best reception areas for their activities:

  • Flexible and varied selection of properties (lease of buildings "ready for output", sale or rental of serviced vacant land, sale or lease of customized buildings)
  • integrated logistics offer
  • varied services offer (maintenance, security, telecommunications, catering, banking, business center ...)
  • Integrated Training offer
  • One administrative counter gathering the various  departments of the state

districts dedicated to the electronics are:

  • The District Mechatronics / Electronic industrial Industrial Platform Integrated Casablanca
  • The city dedicated to Embedded Electronics in Automotive P2I Atlantic Free Zone (Kenitra) and Tangier Automotive City, benefiting from duty-free status
  • The Neighborhood Onboard Electronics Nouaceur Aerospace City, which enjoys duty-free status
  • The Electronics Cluster Mohammedia

Other growth areas




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Food Industry

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