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INMAA, a model factory for Moroccan SMEs
05/06/2011 - Général

HM the King inaugurates model factory 'INMAA' worth 20 million dirhams

Bouskoura (Casablanca) - HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Saturday in Bouskoura, a model plant INMAA, one of the projects initiated under Morocco's National Pact for Industrial Emergence, worth 20 million dirhams.

- INMAA, first adaptation to the world's model factory concept, targets 100 companies per year.

- The programme INMAA will have a major macroeconomic effect estimated at almost 1.5% of Morocco’s GDP.

The Sovereign toured the new factory that includes three screening rooms, an office for experts, a mezzanine for observation and areas of machine, collection and logistics.

The first adaptation to the world’s model factory concept for the following in the field the business transformation in enterprises, the project INMAA is meant to better position the Moroccan SMEs, at the rate of 100 companies per year, in terms of competitiveness and operational excellence.

By targeting the industrial locomotive business, this programme will have a major macroeconomic effect estimated at nearly 1.5% of Morocco’s GDP in three to four years.

It will also give further credibility to Morocco’s destination for foreign direct investment with the establishment of a model factory open to subcontractors.

This project complements the system established in accordance with the Pact for Industrial Emergence’s goals in order to consolidate industrial structure, particularly the Moussanada and Imtiaz programmes as well as public-private funds that finance the SMEs, with over 800 million dirhams.

It hopes to increase the beneficiary companies' productivity by 25% and obtain a substantial reduction of expenses in terms of costs (-20%) and manufacturing lead times (-50%).

INMAA initiative will be implemented following an innovative model factory whose goal is to disseminate the principles of operational experience among qualified officials appointed by the beneficiary firms.

The INMAA experts ensure monitoring, within these companies, the implementation of the principles that the qualified officials have learnt in the model plant, according to efficient methodologies to resolve their chief operational problem.

This leading initiative in Africa and the Middle East is the fruit of a public-private partnership.

Source: MAP