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Renault Tangier - Largest factory in Africa
10/09/2013 - Général

on Tuesday, the Renault Group inaugurated the second phase of its giant plant located in Tangier. Under the slogan "Expanding Horizons", the new production line of the Renault -Nissan plant, which produces the Dacia Sandero model, will allow the French manufacturer to double production.

Ultimately, "340,000 vehicles will come out annually from the factory, making it the biggest factory in Africa" stated a release from Renault. The site launched in February 2012 produced 49,000 vehicles last year and exported its 100,000th car in early September.

To switch to a capacity of 60 vehicles per hour, in addition to an investment program of 400 million Euros, the French manufacturer recruited 1400 workers, bringing the total workforce of the plant to 5000, as reported by the group. They were trained for the most part at the IFMIA (Vocational Training Institute for the Automotive Industry) that adjoins the site operated by the Renault team.

In total, after an initial investment of 700 million Euros, the investment in this site will amount to € 1,1 billion. This is one of the largest projects undertaken by Renault in recent years for a single site.

The Renault Tangier site is primarily intended for export (about 90 %) and already supplies more than 25 countries including Europe. For the Moroccan market, Renault and Dacia already occupy the leading position, with over a third of sales.

In addition to the low labor costs, the French group benefits from many advantages in the Tangier Free Zone (exemption from corporate income tax for 5 years after which preferential rates will be applied, no export tax, etc.).