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Morocco amongst the top 10 places to film in the world
04/29/2015 - Général

The Guardian has just published a list of the top ten places to film around the world and Morocco takes one of the top spots.

In fact, according to the British daily, Morocco is the “first choice for American moviemakers looking for stability”, this at a time when films often deal with the war in Iraq.

Client Eastwood transformed Rabat into an Iraqi city for his last film American Sniper, as was done before him for the films Body of lives and Green Zone.

The newspaper praised the versatile nature of Moroccan scenery, which has successfully imitated Somalia (Black Hawk Down), Tibet (Kundun), Ancient Rome (Gladiator), and even the imaginary landscape of Westeros (Games of Thrones).

The nine other best sites for filming around the word were: the city of Vancouver, Canada; New Zealand; the South African city of Cape Town; Greystone Mansion and Griffith Park in Los Angeles; Prague; London; Monument Valley in the USA; and the Spanish city of Almeria.


It is important to remember that Morocco is the only Arab country, and one of only two countries on the African continent, to make the grade for this select group of 10 best places to film around the world.