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Competitive cities: Tangier in the world Top 5
01/23/2016 - Général

The World Bank has just published its "Competitive cities for jobs and growth: what, who, and how" report, which analyzes and defines the elements that contribute to the competitiveness of 750 cities around the world and the means by which they managed to develop their economies. In Morocco, Tangier is considered as the most economically developed city. Morocco states that 'it is a leverage for foreign direct investment through the Tanger-Med port, which is intended to attract foreign investors in the automotive insdustry and other industrial suppliers.' ' Thus, over the 2003-2012 period, the FDI have helped to earn 5.7 billion dollars of investment which enables throughout the period the launch of 61 projects and the creation of 27 219 jobs in the region.

Source: Infomédiaire