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Construction at Tangier Ville Port Reaches Finishing Stages
03/16/2016 - Général

As of late February, progress on the project to reconvert the Tangier Ville Port had reached 95% completion. Infrastructure work and construction on the sailing club and fishing port were also in the final stages according to SAPT (the Development agency for the Tangier Ville port area).

The report from SAPT explained that progress to convert the former fishing port into a marina fitted with 600 mooring rings, was 95% complete. The sale of rings in the first section of the marina started in July 2015. The port will later be equipped with 800 rings. The official launch is expected for 2016.

The facilities will host cafes and restaurants in the entertainment area of the new marina and will be made available from April 2016 to candidates selected as part of the call for interest. This gives a few months to business owners to perform the necessary works before the grand opening this summer.

Source: Infomédiaire