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Economic Stability: The Moroccan exception in North Africa
05/18/2016 - Général

Morocco has demonstrated itself to be a genuine exception amongst the economies of North Africa thanks to its political stability and safety according to "Jeune Afrique" (Young Africa). The weekly magazine made the statement in its recent ranking of the 500 top African companies.

In its is special edition, the publication emphasised the good economic health of the country, which had seen growth of 4.9% in 2015 thanks to a good agricultural program.

"Faced with difficult situations in Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, Morocco has shown itself to be the exception through its stability", explains Jeune Afrique.

The article, which compares the economic performance of North African countries, identified that the business situation in Morocco is one of the most dynamic on the continent. For the past few years it has also shown its worth south of the Sahara  through its insurance and real estate giants.

Source: Infomédiaire