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Fitch Ratings agency keeps Morocco’s BBB- grade
06/11/2016 - Général

Fitch Ratings upheld Morocco’s BBB- rating in its latest evaluation. In it, the agency identified recent improvements in important factors reducing the vulnerability of the country’s economy.

The agency confirmed and renewed its previous rating (BBB-) saying there was a stable outlook for long-term debt bonds issued by Morocco in foreign currency, and gave a BBB rating for debt bonds issued in local currency.

The rating given to the Moroccan economy is based on macroeconomic stability and the low level of risk in Moroccan finances, particularly public finances.

Morocco’s vulnerability to outside shocks has been significantly reduced since the fall in the price of oil.The cost of importing oil and related derivatives has gone down considerably since the price of oil went below 50 dollars/ barrel.

Source: Infomédiaire