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Aeronautics: Morocco takes off
10/09/2016 - Général

The aeronautics sector in Morocco has been strengthened in recent years with the arrival of several of the biggest operators from around the world such as Bombardier, EADS, Boeing, Safran, Ratier Figeac, Eaton and even Aerolia This industry today is responsible for more than 11,000 jobs and has a turnover of 1 billion dollars. This turnover from the sector has grown 6 fold in just ten years and today includes 121 industrial actors. This puts the country in the 15th place for aeronautic investment, meaning that Morocco has been able to join the very select group of countries working in the sector.

What’s more, the 4 ecosystems put in place as part of the 2014-2020 PAI (Industrial acceleration plan) should mean that by 2020, 23,000 new jobs will be created, three times the current workforce. This growth would double the export turnover to almost 16 billion MAD, lead to a 35% rate of local integration, and attract 100 new industrial actors.

Source: Infomédiaire