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International trade: Morocco among the top 5 in Africa
10/09/2016 - Général

Morocco is one of the Top 5 African countries for international trade, a sector which is expected to grow considerably across the continent over then next 10 years across, according to a new publication by Euler Hermes.

Nigeria should see an extra 210 billion dollars in exports over 10-year against 150 billion more of imports. This is ahead of South Africa (+140/+180 billion), Egypt (+83/+79 billion), Kenya (+42/+36 billion) and Morocco (+40 billion/+21 billion).

Three groups of African nations stand out in particular. There are the strong links such as South Africa and Morocco, where the business environment is attractive; the champions of change such as the Ivory Coast and Ethiopia, which have been boosted by a desire to diversify and improve their own business environment; and finally countries like Nigeria and Cameroon who have to ramp up their change.

Source: Infomédiaire