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Tourism: Morocco in the Top 40 safest destinations
10/31/2016 - Général

Morocco figures among the Top 40 safest destinations around the world for tourists, according to the report by the World Economic Forum on travel and competition in tourism published yesterday.

This ranking covered 141 countries with Morocco coming 37th, far ahead of countries like Italy (48th), China (58th) and France (62nd). 

In the Maghreb region Morocco is without doubt the leader for safety, in front of Mauritania (87th), Algeria (95th) and Tunisia (98th). On the African continent the kingdom comes in 2nd just behind Mauritius (33rd).

The WEF explained that the ranking was created based on an analysis of each country. The 2015 data covered the economic cost of criminality, the economic cost of terrorism, the number of terrorist attacks, the number of homicides and the efficiency of the police services.

Source: Infomédiaire