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New Solar Power Station in Marrakesh
11/28/2016 - Général

Novare Energy, Green of Africa, and Risen Energy have come together in the form of Novashams and announced the signature of an agreement for the construction of a photovoltaic solar power station. This centre near Marrakesh in the Douar Eddraa region will cover 250 hectares and produce 108 MW.

Based on an initiative from Novare Energy the power station will be a reference for the Strategic Development Partnership of solar power projects in Africa. It is the first of its size on a single site in Morocco and will be completed in 3 phases, 45 MW, 30 MW and 33 MW respectively.

The consortium will use the know-how of the state-owned company CRCC who plans to deliver a turnkey product. With total investment of 150 million Euros, the site will be built around 3 different but complementary divisions. In addition to the construction of the solar power station, there will also be a Chinese-Moroccan higher training institute and an industrial division.

On completion, the solar power station will provide 16% of the total energy needs for the city of Marrakesh with an annual reduction of 140,000 tons of CO2.

Source: Infomédiaire