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Business climate: Casablanca on the MEA region podium
04/26/2017 - Général

According to a recent study by Informineo, Casablanca is the 3rd most attractive city for big American groups (Fortune 500) looking to create a presence in the MEA region (Middle East and Africa). The Moroccan metropolis improved significantly between 2015 and 2016 with the year-on-year best improvement of any city on the list.

It is currently outranked only by Dubai and Johannesburg. In fact 17% of the 500 biggest American companies had a regional office in Casablanca at the end of 2016, twice as many as in 2015.

According to Infomineo, the destination is prized for its proximity to Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, making it the ideal location for regional offices.

Source : Infomédiaire