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Renault Maroc Celebrates Millionth Vehicle Shipped from Tanger Med
06/13/2017 - Général

On Tuesday 6th June 2017, the Group Renault Maroc exported the millionth vehicle manufactured at its Moroccan factories of Tangier and Casablanca and sent off from Tanger Med. This momentous event was celebrated at the vehicles’terminal at Tanger Med Port in the presence of the Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, Abdelkader Amara, Minister for Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, Abdelkhalek Marzouki, governor of the Fahs Anjra Province, Fouad Brini president of Tanger Med Port and Marc Nassif, Managing Director of the Renault Maroc Group.

Crossing the million mark at its factories in Tangier and Casablanca is a huge milestone for Renualt Maroc that only serves to further emphasize the incredibly productive relationship between this car manufacturing giant and Tanger Med Port. This partnership was the driving force between the incredible performance and June celebration at the port.

The modern, integrated infrastructure developed by Morocco including ports, industrial zones, and transport infrastructure was one of the key factors that convinced Renault to create its factory in Tangier. As a reminder since 2012, 1 million vehicles have been manufactured by the Renault Group in Morocco and exported from the Port. This represents 1,560 boats and 4,268 trains leaving the factor in Tangier and 19,000 trucks from the Casablanca factory.

It is important not to forget the significance of Moroccan production around the world, with cars being sent to 73 destinations. Currently production serves primarily European markets, signatory countries of the Agadir agreement and the Arab League. Yet with the development of new maritime routes from the Tanger Med Port, previously unreached areas of the world are now being targeted like the Caribbean and the GCC.

In addition to exporting its production, the partnership between the Renault Group and Tanger Med also includes a transhipment business. To date more than 46,000 vehicles manufactured at other international factories of the Group have been unloaded from boats at the Tanger Med Port and reloaded onto other ships to supply, primarily, South Africa.

Renault Maroc and Tanger Med also work in close collaboration for the development of the automobile sector in the Northern Region of Morocco. This is being done through the implantation of new car part suppliers in dedicated free zones created and developed by Tanger Med (Tanger Free Zone and Tanger Automotive City). This only further serves to promote the development of the automobile sector, the number one exporter in Morocco.

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