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Rabat: Creation of the First PSA OpenLab in Africa
10/20/2017 - Général

The agreement signed to create the PSA OpenLab in Morocco, dedicated to sustainable mobility in Africa, brought together a consortium of prestigious Moroccan, American and French universities. This “university-industry” scientific partnership is set to play an important role in the installation of the PSA factory in the Greater-Rabat area (Rabat, Sale, Kenitra) and will support the development of the PSA Group in Africa.

The OpenLab, in addition to UIP and PSA, brings together the Mohammed V University, Ibn Tofail University, Cadi Ayyad University, Ecole Centrale in Casablanca, UEMF-INSA Euro Mediterranean (Moroccan side), as well as Georgia Institute of Technology, the Lafayette Institute, and the University of Mississippi (International side).

Source : Infomédiaire