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Tanger Tech: Chinese Group CRCCI signs memorandum
10/20/2017 - Général

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the BMCE Bank of Africa Group and China Railway Construction Corporation International -CRCCI.

The CRCCI Group has committed itself, in co-ordination with the banking group and the Moroccan government, to defining its financial contribution conditions and its role in promoting the Industrial Zone at the Mohammed VI Tanger Tech site to Chinese companies. As a reminder, the Mohammed VI Tanger Tech site is an 11-billion-dollar project (1 billion investment in construction and 10 billion industrial investment). It will be created in 3 stages, and cover a total area of 2000 hectares. The work will involve over 100 Moroccan and Chinese technicians and engineers.

Source : Infomédiaire