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Airspace industry: Weare Aerospace launches a 3rd branch in Casablanca.
11/28/2017 - Général

French Group Weare Aerospace has recently opened a new entity named Weare Aerospace Morocco (WAM) based in Casablanca. It will serve as a common marketing platform for subsets and airspace equipment for the group’s other two industrial units in the country. Chatal Maroc is an Airbus subcontractor based in Herbignac (France). Its first unit in Morocco was acquired by Airbus in 2016 – This marked the beginning of the journey for the French group in Morocco. The company operates on an industrial construction and assembling capacity of 27,000 sq. ft in Rabat, while the second unit, Ausare Maroc, acquired in 2017, spans over 38,000 sq. ft in the Tanger Free Zone. Through both these offshore sites, Weare Aerospace has turned Morocco into a key component of its industrial and commercial structure. The company has reported a consolidated turnover of 110 million euros (i.e. over 1.2 Billion dirhams). The group employs 250 Moroccan workers for a total workforce of a thousand.

Source : Infomédiaire