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Emirates Logistics and Adidas to arrive at Tanger Med
02/12/2018 - Général

The port authority in a recent press statement announced that multinationals Emirates Logistics and Adidas are set to develop a logistics hub based from Tanger Med. Their arrival follows on from the recent phenomenon that has seen Bosch, Huawei, 3M and Decathlon set up shop in the port area.

Emirates Logistics is a subsidiary of the Emirati Sharaf Group, which enjoys great international reputation and operates in 40 countries. It operates the logistics component for over 18 multinationals in the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.

This new project will be developed on a depot covering 13,000 meters squared, mainly reserved for Adidas and represents an overall investment of more than 100 million MAD.

The number of Adidas articles delivered from this site in 2018 will reach nearly 5 million, with 30,000 product references coming from more than 20 countries. In the long-term Emirates Logistics will employ more than 370 people in Morocco.

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