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2018 Africa Investment Index – Morocco Leading the Continent
04/03/2018 - Général

Quantum Global Research Lab published its 2018 “Africa Investment Index (AII)”ranking during the 6th edition of the Africa CEO Forum, which was held March 27 - 28 2018 in Abidjan.

According to AII, Morocco made the top spot thanks to its sustained economic growth, its strategic geographic position, the level of direct foreign investment, levels of external debt, its social capital and thanks to a business climate that is generally favorable.

The AII index takes into account six main factors: growth, liquidity (real interest rate and currency supply), risk (exchange rate, import coverage rate, external debt, payment balance), business environment, demography and social capital (measuring the penetration rate of Facebook).

“Despite improvements in the production and price of gasoline, African economies are turning to diversification to stimulate industrial development and to attract investment in strategic sectors other than fuel. Morocco has attracted a steady flow of foreign capital, particularly in the banking, tourism and energy sectors this is due to its industrial development,”stated Professor Mthuli Ncube, Director General of Quantum Global Research Lab.

In terms of improvement in the ranking, over the last three years countries like Angola, Rwanda, Chad, the Comoros, the Seychelles, South Sudan and Sierra Leone have seen significant growth, as the regular AII rankings show.

The Top 10 include (in descending order) Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Botswana, the Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya, and Senegal.

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