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Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding Between Morocco and China
04/05/2018 - Général

On Tuesday 27th March, a Chinese delegation visited Morocco to participate in the Morocco-China Economic Forum in Casablanca. During this event, the two countries laid the foundations of a new agreement on the development of bilateral trade between the two regions.


During this very important meeting, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate trade exchanges between Morocco and China. Through this agreement, a business council for the New Silk Road will soon be created to facilitate investment and information sharing.


This council will also allow stakeholders to better understand local legislation. Another measure anticipates helping the resolution of trade grievances through the use of legal councils.Finally, as part of this memorandum, regular meetings will be organized between Moroccan and Chinese entrepreneurs.

A second Chinese delegation traveled to Agadir in Morocco to participate in the Morocco-China friendship Forum, in which many cultural partnerships and town twinnings were signed. These agreements will help accelerate Chinese investment in the region.

In fact, China is already the fourth-biggest trade partner in Morocco. Exports from Morocco to China have increased by nearly 70% in 3 years, a national record.