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Anwar Dehab
Dell Maroc - Former Head

Date : 11/25/2010

DELL’s choice to come to Morocco responded primarily to operational objectives. Dell wanted to develop a service site (initially in sales and after sales service in France), which would minimize costs.

Starting from a broad list of countries including among others Vietnam, Romania and some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, which potentially met the criteria of language, Dell reduced the list to Morocco and Tunisia.

Although the cost motivated the establishment of the site out of France, the final decision was based on:

  • Linguistic criteria: in addition to a largely Francophone population (with  better mastery of oral communication compared to other countries such as Romania and Vietnam), Morocco also has many Spanish speaking people. This enabled to broaden to Spain the services offered by the Casablanca platform.
  • Skills: Moroccan population is much higher than the  Tunisian population (32 million against 11 million), recruitment is easier.
  • Telecommunications infrastructure of the era, ahead of other countries: This was essential to operational efficiency and thus to a successful offshoring.
  • Support of public authorities from the start of the project
  • Geography: geographical proximity of Morocco to two markets (France and Spain) provides enhanced operational convenience.

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