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Andy Green
Logica - CEO

We were attracted to Morocco for a wide range of reasons. Firstly, its political stability is very important for us. The encouragement that the government gives to business to create new jobs by investing in the right infrastructure: roads, airports, all the things we need for the global organization to be successful. The way they support with incentives the offshore centers that they created in places like Rabat, Casablanca and elsewhere in Morocco. And of course, by the education system: we are a people business: we rely on great people prepared to work hard, learn hard and grow and develop with us. We found plenty of those in Morocco.
We are ambitious for our Moroccan operation: I have asked them to see how they can grow to a thousand employees, and then beyond that in the very near term. We continue to look at new locations around Morocco as we see how the economy develops.
So overall, we found it a really excellent experience investing in Morocco.

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