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Attractive incentives for your projects

In addition to the tax exemptions granted under the common law, Moroccan law provides specific financial, tax and customs advantages to investors, as part of agreements or investment contracts to be concluded with the State, provided that they meet the required criteria. (Download the Factsheet Investment Incentives)

This concerns:

  • The contribution of the state to certain investment expenses: Investment Promotion Fund;
  • The contribution of the state to certain expenses for the promotion of investment in specific industrial sectors and the development of modern technologies: the Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development;
  • Exemption from customs duties under Article 7.I of the Finance Act No. 12/98;
  • Exemption from import VAT under Section 123-22 °-b of the General Tax Code.

These four advantages can be benefited from in a single investment project. And for more information on each of these advantages:

  • Investment and Industrial Development Fund

  • Hassan II Fund

  • Import Duty Exemption

  • VAT Exemption