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Presentation of the sector

Morocco is a tourist destination that has many strengths and clear potential that allowed it to become a highly popular tourist destination. With varied and contrasting landscapes (3500 km of coastline, mountains, deserts ...), a rich cultural heritage (imperial cities, old towns, food and crafts), Morocco is a unique and diverse touristic experience only 2h30 flight from major European cities .

Between 2005 and 2010, the number of tourists visiting Morocco has increased from 5.8 to over 9.3 million, and a mounts of foreign direct investments are around € 30 billion over this period combined. In addition, in 2009, Morocco was the only Mediterranean countries to havev increased more than 6% while the world market decreased by 5%.

Value proposition

Sectoral incentives:

  • Exemption of import duty preference for all capital equipment needed for the promotion and development of the project
  • VAT exemption for capital goods, machinery and equipment acquired in Moroccofor a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of commencement of business of the company
  • Exemption from import VAT for a period of thirty six (36) months for capital goods, machinery and equipment acquired on importation.
  • Total relief of the SI of turnover in foreign exchange business and hotel for a period of5 years from the year in which the first accommodation was made in foreign currencies and a reduction of 17.5% over this period.
  • Total exemption from IR to the amount of turnover in foreign currency by the hotel companies and for a period of 5 years and a reduction of 50% over this period.

Conventional Terms
For investments that meet a number of criteria, the investor may conclude with the State, investment agreements granting implementation aid for the project (for details, see the Factsheet Investment Incentives)

Financing offers
To remove the constraints on the access to financial resources, Vision 2020 considers the establishment of an instrument for national and international investment mobilization: the Moroccan Fund for Tourism Development (FMDT). Investment premiums will be implemented taking into account the level of risk perceived by investors for each type of product and for each destination.

To strengthen its commitment in supporting the implementation of Vision 2020, the banking sector is willing to mobilize a budget of 24 billion DH.

Aside from commercial banks responsible for financing the sector, funds for national investments were created to support the dynamic development of tourist projects. Some of them are Actif Invest, Madaef, H Partners, capital T and Saham Hotels.

Investment Opportunities

  • Azur 2020 Program : Establishment of a considerable Morocco seaside offer internationally competitive.
  • Program Green / Eco / Sustainability: Valuation of natural resources and rural areas in respect to socio-cultural authenticity of host communities.
  • Heritage and Legacy Program: Promotion of the Moroccan cultural identity through the structuring and valuation of tangible and intangible heritage of the Kingdom together with the construction of coherent and attractive tourist products.
  • Animation Program, Sport & Leisure: Creating consistent animation offers, varied and complementary to the basic tourist infrastructure in order to consolidate Moroccan tourism and make it more competitive and attractive to many tourists.
  • Niche Program with high added value (or business and Welfare): Strengthening the position of Morocco as a tourist destination for Business, welfare and health.
  • Biladi Program: Strengthening the tourist offer for natives through a suitable product that takes account of their habits and customs.


  • Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT)

Other growth areas

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