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Arbitration and Mediation

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The arbitration legal arsenal is characterized by a series of innovations aimed at harmonizing the Moroccan trade law with international principles.

Among the novelties of this paper are broadening the scope of arbitration to legal entities under public law. The implementation of the arbitration judgments relating to these acts remains however subject to the exequatur which returns to the administrative jurisdiction in the competence of which the judgment will be executed, or in the administrative court of Rabat, when the arbitration judgment concerns the whole national territory.

The text also gives the tribunal the right to rule, either automatically or at the request of either party, on the validity or limits of its powers, or the validity of the arbitration agreement. It can also take, at the request of either party, any interim measure it deems necessary within the limits of its mission.

This law has also contributed to achieving an international quality of arbitration and provides conventional mediation as an alternative for resolving conflicts.