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√Fund for the Promotion of Investments made by Moroccan Expatriates “MDM INVEST”

Jointly with banks, the “MDM Invest” Funds, finance company establishment and extension projects which are directly initiated in Morocco by members of the Moroccan expatriate community.

The investment programs are financed according to the following scheme:

  • Equity capital on the part of the Moroccan expatriate: a minimum of 25% of the total amount of the investment project, under the form of a contribution in foreign currency to be paid into or transferred to an account in Dirhams and devoted to project 2;
  • “MDM” Invest Funds: 10% of the amount of the contribution made by the Moroccan expatriate to the project
  • The outstanding amount or balance: this is financed by a bank loan or by any other contribution in cash.

    For further information, consult the web-site of the Central Guarantee Fund: