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Cost Competitiveness

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Only 14km south of Europe, Morocco is a competitive platform for export :

  • Low Wages: The average wage is 327$/month.

  • Competitive costs to export : 595 USD/container/ according to the World Bank data, that is the 12th most competitif rate world wide.

This cost includes for a 20-foot container, all fees charged by government agencies and the private sector to a trader in the process of exporting and importing the goods. These include but are not limited to costs for documents, administrative fees for customs clearance and inspections, customs broker fees, port-related charges and inland transport costs. The cost does not include customs tariffs and duties or costs related to sea transport. Source: Doing Business Report.


  • Low Tax rates : Taxes paid by companies represent only 49,3% of their profit

The total tax rate measures the amount of taxes and mandatory contributions borne by the business in the second year of operation, expressed as a share of commercial profit. Source: Doing Business Report.

                                                                                              Source: Doing Business 2016