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Presentation of the sector

The fishing sector in Morocco has developed an integrated, ambitious and comprehensive development in 2020 called "Halieutis. It aims at upgrading and modernization of various sectors of the fishing industry and improve its competitiveness and performance.

The grand strategy of sector development meansbuild the sector into a genuine development opportunity in the Kingdom, and is basedon three main axes declined as projects: Sustainable use of resources and promotionof responsible fishing involving Fishermen also considered as major players in sector development The development of an efficient and quality fishing StrengtheningCompetitiveness

Value proposition

  • Promote a sustainable manner the fish wealth Moroccan
  • Strengthen the sector's contribution to the national economy by nearly tripling thevalue-added fish to pass it by 8.3 billion dirhams in 2007 to 22 billion dirhams in 2020;
  • Increase the number of work stations on land used by industry and aquaculture of 61 650-115 000 and the indirect employment of 488 500-510 200 for 2020
  • Reduce by half the weight of the informal sector to reduce it to 15% of turnover in the sector
  • Raise the value of exports of seafood products to more than 3.1 billion dollarsagainst 1.2 billion dollars in 2007
  • Raise the volume of fish production of 1.035 million tonnes currently to 1.6 milliontons with a special effort to develop aquaculture
  • To encourage domestic consumption of fish to carry 10 kg per capita per year on average currently 16/kg/an/habitant



  • The cost of this program for 2008-2012 is estimated at five billion dirhams of which 1 billion dirhams at the expense of the General Budget of the State.

To ensure the success of this strategy, there will be the establishment of the necessary instruments:

  • At the institutional level by the upgrading of professional associations and thecreation of new ad hoc organizations dedicated to the new strategy
  • Legally by the update of the rules governing the sector
  • At the organizational level by establishing a monitoring system to ensureappropriate traceability of products throughout the production chain and marketing
  • In terms of financing the establishment of appropriate means and in terms of infrastructure by adopting a broad program of investment in ports, landing equipment,aquaculture sites, chain cold, fish markets, wholesale markets and detail.


Halieutis provided for the establishment of a strong public governance and mobilizingto modernize the fisheries sector. With the ultimate goal the establishment of a system of sectoral governance allowing gradual transfer of power to regions and the private sector.

  • National Committee for Fisheries
  • Funds for the adjustment and modernization of fishing effort
  • National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture
  • National Center for promotion of seafood
  • Monitoring the use of the fisheries sector

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