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Qualified Labor Force

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In Morocco, human resources have all the ingredients to become the pivots of a competitive investment and value creator: education level, cultural openness, language skills and new technologies, commitment to entrepreneurship, adaptation capacity to change and competitive labor costs:

  • A young and active population:

    Total population of 33,8 million inhabitants
    64% of population aged under 34
    6 million of young people aged 18 - 35
    Active population of 12 million

  • Qualified Human Ressources:

    More than 100 Universities and public schools
    500 000 students in higher education
    40 000 higher education graduates per year
    Training of 25 000 engineers per year by 2020

  • Advanced linguistics capacities

    Over 10 million french speakers

    Over 6 million spanich speakers
    Large penetration of English among young people and management staff
  • Vocation training adapted to market needs:

    332 vocational training institutions
    Training of 370,000 students (2014 - 2015)