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Your investments are guaranteed and protected

International conventions relating to the guarantee and protection of investments

As part of foreign investment promotion efforts, Morocco has ratified international conventions relating to the guarantee and protection of investment. These include agreements on the establishment of :

  • The International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes "ICSID"
  • The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency "MIGA"
  • The Inter-Arab Organization for Investment Guarantee Corporation

Bilateral agreements and conventions relating to the guarantee and protection of investment

The promotion of foreign investment in Morocco is not only limited to the adherence to international multilateral conventions but extends to the bilateral ones, as part of strengthening relations with key partners. So many treaties, agreements and conventions for the promotion and protection of investments and avoidance of double taxation have been signed throughout the recent decades.

Agreements and conventions related to promotion and investment protection

The main provisions of these agreements and conventions concern the following aspects:

  • Treatment of permitted investments
  • Free transfer of capital and income
  • The non-expropriation of investment, except for public utility reasons and following a court decision (on a nondiscriminatory basis and to pay a prompt and adequate compensation)
  • Disputes with recourse to domestic courts or international arbitration at the choice of the investor

Non-double Taxation Agreements

Morocco has signed agreements with several countries to avoid double taxation with respect to income tax. These agreements establish the list of taxes and income concerned, the rules for mutual administrative assistance and the principle of non-discrimination.

Investor protection under the national law

Foreign investors benefits from a convertibility regime, which ensures that the investor has the right to:

  • Carry out investment operations in Morocco;
  • Transfer income produced by these investments abroad;
  • Re-transfer income from the liquidation or sale of investments.