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Guarantee Funds provided by CCG (or, the Central Guarantee Fund)

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In order to facilitate company access to banking financing, the CCG (or, Central Guarantee Fund) guarantees between 50 and 85% of investment credits earmarked for the creation and/or the extension of company projects. The CCG also guarantees, to the tune of 50%, credits intended for the financial restructuring of companies active in all sectors, excepting real estate and high-sea fishing. The guarantees granted by the CCG benefit from the State’s unconditional guarantee:

  • Damane Crea: a guarantee covering medium and long-term bank loans granted for the purpose of setting up companies;
  • Damane Exploitation:a guarantee covering operating loans which are designed to meet company operating requirements;
  • Damane Dev:a guarantee covering medium and long-term loans chalked for company expansion or modernization projects;
  • Damane Istitmar:a guarantee covering the consolidation of banking debt incurred by virtue of investment and operation loans.
  • Damane Express:a guarantee of investment loans and operating loans the amount of which does not exceed 1 million Dirhams.
  • Damane Capital Risk: a guarantee covering equity or quasi equity brought by companies to eligible firms. The contribution should not be guaranteed by other organisms.


For further information, consult the web-site of the Central Guarantee Fund: