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The IMTIAZ-GROWTH Program, which falls in the framework of the implementation of the Industrial Acceleration Plan, seeks to support productive investment in order to stimulate growth, promote employment, and bolster industrial eco-systems. An investment subsidy is thus granted to selected small and medium-sized companies.

The program grants selected companies a material or immaterial subsidy to investment, including a partial or total acquisition of companies –notably, in the framework of mergers, acquisitions, and take-over—to the tune of 20% of the total investment and capped at five million Dirhams (5MDH) per development project. The self-financing of the recipient is set at a minimum of 20% of the overall investment.

Imtiaz Program aims to follow-through eighty (80) high-growth companies, annually, in the framework of a Growth Contract which spells out the respective commitments of the company and of ANPME, the modalities governing the release of the subsidy/premium, and the development objectives, as set by the recipient company or group of companies, on the one hand, and the areas and the modalities governing ANPME intervention.

For more information, please consult Maroc PME web-site:



Moussanada Program aims at following through seven hundred (700) companies in their endeavors to modernize and improve their productivity, in the framework of progress plans which comprise several follow-through actions. All of these actions purport to help companies boost their performance, optimize their productivity, and access new markets.

Functional programs are thus launched to improve productivity and to speed up the use of information technologies within firms, bringing about enhanced competitiveness factors, in terms of reduction in costs, shortening of lead-times, and improvement in the quality delivered.

For further information, please consult  Maroc PME's website :



Moulawalati is a program which has been devised and embedded by the Government for the purpose of the establishment of very small businesses.

The program aims to contribute to a steady decrease in the unemployment rate via the stimulation of the creation of wealth and job-creating businesses, taking into account the exigencies and specificities of regions. Besides, the program strives to ensure the permanence of the regional economic fabric, by means of a business follow-up scheme which provides assistance and advice to small firms during the critical start-up period.

The advantages that are in place provide for the following:

  • Assistance to young project leaders, whose investment projects do not exceed 250,000 Dhs, in order to enable them to set up their own businesses;
  • Follow through furnished both before and after the actual establishment of the company;
  • ANAPEC’s assumption of the cost of the follow-through, to the tune of 10,000 Dhs per project-leader;
  • The management of 85% of the CCG guarantee to bank loans is devolved to banks by this entity, on behalf of the State;
  • Interest-free cash advance, which accounts for a maximum of 10% of the investment (and capped at 15,000 Dhs). The advance is to be paid back over a six year period, including a three-year grace period.

For further information, kindly consult the following web-site: