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Morocco, 1st in Africa in terms of  infrastructure quality according to Global competitivness Index-WEF 2016-2017 (Mauritius is considered as Dom-Tom)

For over a decade, Morocco launched large-scale projects aimed at elevating its infrastructure to international standards:

  • Tanger-Med Port entered into service in 2007 with a total capacity of 8 million containers, in addition to professional real estate of over 5000 hectares, complements the overall port infrastructure consisting of 38 (13 foreign trade) ports meeting international standards.

    Source: Agence spéciale Tanger Méditerranée

  • The Highway Network has grown exponentially to link the main Moroccan cities of over 400 000 inhabitants. It should reach 3000 km by2020.

  • Thanks to an Open Sky policy, the 17 international airports in Morocco (largest airport hub in the region) are used by a multitude of international companies and are connected to major cities and economic platforms of world affairs.

    Commercial air traffic by nature (2015)


    Accumulation Dec 2014

    Accumulation Dec 2015

    Var (%)

    Part (%)


    15 579 863

    15 845 933




    1 715 008

    1 763 814



    Overall total

    17 294 871

    17 609 747

    + 1,82


                                                                          Source: ONDA

  • A wide network of Economic activity zones (Industrial Integrated Platforms, Free zones, Agropoles, clusters,…)
  • Telecommunications infrastructure meeting international standards. Three global operators (Fixed phone, mobile, Internet and data), the telecommunications sector in Morocco achieves every year an intense and sustained activity: 127% mobile penetration ( 2015) and 43 million clients.